What is La Aldea?

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What is
La Aldea?

La Aldea is a multiplatform education strategy that allows children up to 14 years of age to learn about themselves and about the world around them. Through a universe of characters inspired by ourselves; with funny stories that provide metaphors for real life and with activities, children play while strengthening their reading and writing, mathematics, scientific, artistic and socio-emotional skills.

La Aldea seeks to accompany families, teachers and institutions in the implementation of flexible, deep and transformational education processes. The contents of La Aldea are designed to reach children everywhere and are a strategy for the improvement of educational quality.

La Aldea is designed so that as children enter a safe fantasy world, their innate curiosity will awaken. It's a place where those fundamental, universal, traditional and timeless questions that we all ask ourselves can be asked, while we learn to lead a free, conscious, respectful and joyful life.



  • Winners of the Academic’s Choice Award - Smartbook with La Aldea as the best transmedia education strategy 2019.
  • Winners of the 2020 Latino Book Awards with La Aldea: Stories of our country as the best chaptered book for young people.
  • Winners of the 2020 Latino Book Awards with La Aldea: Stories of our country as best audiobook.
  • Winners of CREA DIGITAL 2020 with La Aldea: Stories for staying at home - E-learning Platform as the best transmedia strategy.
  • Awarded in HundrED and the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) for La Aldea: Stories for staying at home as one of the 15 best strategies of the 21st century in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Where is La Aldea implemented?

Where is La Aldea implemented

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What happens in La Aldea?

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  • Kids:
    • Have fun while learning and are empowered by their learning process.

    • Connect what they learn with their daily lives.

    • Develop literacy, mathematical, scientific, artistic and social-emotional skills.

    • Find a guide for developing learning processes at home.

    • Get involved in children's learning.

    • Have meaningful conversations with their children.

  • Teachers:
    • Develop their imagination for creating meaningful and fun classes.

    • The standards of the Ministry of National Education are met.

    • Transversal learning is enabled.

  • Cooperation organizations, NGOs and government:
    • Deploy large-scale education strategies that impact teachers, children, and caregivers.

    • Respond to migratory and health emergencies or natural disasters through flexible and adapted curricula.

The history of La Aldea

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La Aldea in the media

“Using the same resources that George Orwell used in his work Animal Farm, La Aldea uses animals to tell stories that provide opportunities to think about the country and its challenges. In short, it is a metaphor for Colombia...”

Who's behind La Aldea?

ClickArte is a pedagogy agency dedicated to imagining new ways of learning and implementing education projects. Through art, design and pedagogy, our products and tools open conversations so that children and adults can inquire about themselves and reflect on the world around them.

Through our books, games and digital resources, we have impacted more than 150,000 students and inspired 5,000 teachers, in more than 500 educational institutions in Mexico and Colombia.