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Stories to stay at home

Public information and education strategy on Covid19

  • "La Aldea: Stories to stay at Home" is a tool for teachers and parents to generate informed conversations with their children and students about the COVID-19 epidemic. It works as a public information and e-learning strategy to deal with this emergency.

  • "La Aldea is a carefully crafted story and multisensory curriculum designed to encourage discussion of social conflicts and interrelationships in a relatable way that serves as a metaphor for real-life problems."

    Academic’s Choice Award. 2019. USA

  • La Aldea enables flexible and transdisciplinary learning, by simultaneously working on language, natural sciences, social sciences and maths. All of this, while the children have fun and think about the world around them.

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COVID-19 Special

This strategy seeks to support parents and teachers in explaining the pandemic to children and students and in continuing their educational programs.

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What is La Aldea?

La Aldea is an educational strategy based on the stories of a group of animals that live together and face situations that are metaphors for real life. Through it, children have fun while reflecting on the world around them and weaving a parallel between what happens in La Aldea, their daily life, and more broadly, their community and their planet.

The stories and characters of La Aldea are a springboard that allows children to strengthen their social-emotional, communication, mathematical and scientific skills, and encourages them to change their environments in a positive way.

This multi-platform strategy is designed for home schooling and can be used by teachers and educational institutions for distance learning.

La Aldea and the curriculum

La Aldea is a transdisciplinary education strategy that allows children to have fun while strengthening their skills in different areas:

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Social Sciences
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Natural Sciences
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Social-emotional skills
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Formal education
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Non-formal education
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Home learning
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Distance learning
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Emergency Education

Furthermore, it is a flexible education strategy that can be used in different contexts:

La Aldea follows the Basic Standards of Competence of the Ministry of National Education of Colombia.

La Aldea in numbers

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La Aldea is an education strategy that builds bridges between homes and schools.

La Aldea Universe

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    Season 1: Tales about our country

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    Season 2: Stories to join in conversation

  • Section image 3

    Season 3: Stories to stay at home

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    Puppets of La Aldea

This strategy seeks to create spaces for dialogue and debate, while children and adults have fun and play.

La Aldea Characters

La Aldea stimulates attention, curiosity and reflection in your home.

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ClickArte Pedagogy Agency

We are Click, a pedagogy agency dedicated to imagine new ways of learning and implementing educational projects. Through art, design and pedagogy, our products and tools create conversations for children and adults to inquire about themselves and reflect upon the world around them.

Through our books, games and digital resources, we have impacted more than 50,000 students and inspired 700 teachers, in more than 200 educational institutions in Mexico and Colombia.

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