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On the Air with Harry

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On the Air with

On the Air with Harry is an educational audio strategy that integrates songs, humor, games, socio-emotional learning challenges, self-care messages and news. It is based on the stories of a group of diverse animals that seek to grow individually and collectively while they overcome the challenges of coexistence in a fictional natural space called La Aldea.

Its objective is to support remote learning and develop social-emotional skills in children and adolescents between 6 and 12 years of age with low or no connectivity. The series places special emphasis on the migratory phenomenon; the emotional and cognitive needs of children, migrant family members and host communities; social integration; the development of resilience and adaptation skills, and the prevention of violence among other central issues for the empowerment of these communities.

This is a project from the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the Lego Foundation and ClickArte. Listen to it every Saturday at 11 AM on RCN RADIO.