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La Aldea Publishing

Stories for a world in transition: a joint effort.. The third book of our COVID-19 special is here. It's a pedagogical strategy for facing the changes and the challenges of the day.


On the Air with Harry

Listen to On the Air with Harry! Tune in every Saturday at 11 AM, on RCN radio, until September 25th.

Mindfulness videos

What busy days we've all had! How about a little yoga? On our YouTube channel, find Peter, Lucy and Harry with the best yoga exercises. Breathe deep!
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Stories and resources

What's Arnold up to? How's Harry feeling? Find out in stories, activities, adventures and songs. Have fun with the universe of La Aldea, its characters and all its goings-on.
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On the Air with Harry

Harry is one curious chameleon! He loves to learn about the world, his friends and his feelings, just like you! That's why he's launched his own radio program, "On the Air with Harry", full of news, games, facts, fun and feathers!
Are you as curious as he is? Then listen every Saturday at 11 AM on RCN RADIO.
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La Aldea has reached more than 100,000 families and more than 5,000 teachers in Guajira, Barranquilla, Cúcuta and Nariño, and has even unpacked its suitcases in Mexico and Venezuela. Our community is growing and we want you to know all the exciting things that are happening!
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Do you want to have the latest stories from La Aldea in your hands? You'll find all the books, puppets and educational resources here in our virtual store.
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What is La Aldea?

Did you know that La Aldea is an education strategy used by local governments and international organizations to improve the quality of learning in more than 500 educational institutions across Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela? Learn more about La Aldea universe.
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Who's behind La Aldea?