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Colombia / NO. 1 / 24 de Diciembre del 2020.

Guajira: A strategy menu for everyone
Students from the ethno-educational institutions of La Guajira exhibiting their work with La Aldea.

In the ethno-educational institutions of La Guajira, the arrival of La Aldea has opened a true buffet of strategies and resources. “We no longer have a single plate; now we decide, within that buffet, which strategies we use and how we adapt them to the different levels we are working on”, Nelvis Peralta, from IE Roig y Villalba in Fonseca told us.

From the outset, Nelvis has invited his students to create gardens at home, to make herbariums like Harry’s and connect with the characters in the story in the process of planting food. As an accompaniment, the teacher Kelys Rodríguez Medina, from Ethnoeducational Center No. 13 of Riohacha, invited his students to look at animals that were new to them (like Carol, the spectacled bear) recreating the characters of La Aldea by means of dry leaves and other natural resources. Finally, for dessert, the coordinator Claudia Mendoza, from the Hato Nuevo municipality, has been in charge of presenting La Aldea in two venues with 23 teachers and 711 children from transition and primary, so that everyone can find sweet ways to learn. “They are my team, my support and my reason for being”, Claudia tells us with pride. Enjoy your meal!