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Colombia / NO. 1 / July 21, 2024.

Guajira: A strategy menu for everyone

In the ethno-educational institutions of La Guajira, the arrival of La Aldea has opened a true buffet of strategies and resources. “We no longer have a single plate; now we decide, within that buffet, which strategies we use and how we adapt them to the different levels we are working on”, Nelvis Peralta, from IE […]

A golden minute

La Aldea Gazette reached out to the Monsignor Jaime Prieto Amaya Educational Institution in Cúcuta to interview Professor Edwar Mendoza and learn more about how he managed to connect with his students during confinement. La Gazette: In what ways has home schooling, in times of a pandemic, impacted you as an educational community? Edwar Mendoza: […]